Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, June '05
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Progressive Metal

The Fullness Of Time

Nicolas van Dyk and his Redemption project are back with their second album called: "The Fullness Of Time". Since their debut album from 2002, a few line-up changes have taken place: Rick Mythiasin (ex-Steel Prophet), who sang on the first album has been replaced by Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Engine). The rhythm section on this album is new as well: Chris Quirarte (drums) and James Sherwood (bass), who some of you might know from their work with California based progressive metal band Prymary.

Musically we continue down the road chosen with their debut album; a cool combination of heaviness, complexity and melody. Think a big pot of heavy metal with the ingredients: Kansas, Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Evergrey, Dream Theater, Megadeth and a lot of other cool bands ... I know it might sounds like a strange brew, but I promise you it works.

This is a step forward for this band, just the addition of Ray Alder would appeal to a lot of progressive metal fans, and he doesn't let anyone down - he is singing with his usual conviction. The entire band is very skilful and delivers the goods, last member of the band is Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel, Engine) and he has some nice guitar duels with Nicholas. 2 epic songs makes up for almost 2/3 of the album: "Sapphire" clocking in at 15:55, and the title track, once more a 4 part suite - not really one long track, making up for almost 22 minutes of this album.

Tommy Newton has mixed and mastered this cool album, which proves doubters that Redemption is here to make an impact. Progressive metal fans should at least give this album a serious listen, and I have no doubt Fates Warning fans will be pleasantly surprised with this disc.

Recommended tracks: "Parker's Eyes", "Sapphire" & "The Fullness Of Time, Part I-IV"