Criminal Justice
Release date: November 18th 2005
Massacre Records
VME Denmark
Website: -
Melodic Metal
Rating: 40/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November '05

YAAAWWNNN - what a piece of boring meaningless melodic metal with an awful guitar sound, no outstanding songs, a barely decent production, and an OK vocalist... Topped with a simple artwork and a playing time of only 34 minutes, which in this case is a positive... So to cut to the chase, this is one boring experience for me!

And it's really sad because their first effort was a good album, but this one don't have anything worth mentioning, sure there's a few good ideas and song structures in between, but as a whole I really can't recommend this album to anyone - actually I'd suggest you'd pick up their first album instead... it's much better...