Prostitute Disfigurement

Rating: 10/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '05
Label - Neurotic Records (VME Distribution)
Style - Death Metal

Left In Grisly Fashion

Q: - Death Metal… right?
A: - Yes… Death/Grind Metal

Q: -Any good?
A: - Some riffs are great… brutal but technically... the music is quite good… BUT…  

Q: - But… WHAT?
A: - The Vocals… It must be a joke!!! LOL… very funny indeed!

Q: - What’s so funny about it??
A: - To me it sounds like they are torturing an old PIG…. oink!

Q: - WHAT?? Are you kidding??
A: - No I’m not kidding… the music is ok, but the horrible vocals are impossible to ignore!  

Q: - So... this is not the album of the year in your opinion?
A: - No fucking way!!! –I can’t believe they have ruined this okay music with
“pig vocals”!

Q: - What more can you tell me about this album?
A: - I rather stop here… I can’t stand to listen to this anymore!!!  

Q: - Any recommended tracks?
A: - LOL –You must be joking! – Goodbye I’m outta here!!!

Recommended tracks: - You Gotta be kidding!!!