Primal Fear
Seven Seals
Release date: October 24th 2005
Nuclear Blast GmbH
VME Denmark
Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Rating: 96/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
October '05

Primal Fear has always been in the shadows of Judas Priest, but with “Seven Seals” things are about to change. “Seven Seals” can compete with every record ever released by Judas Priest; this one will be a classic!

Songs like the slow “Diabolus”, the speedy “All for One” and the ballad “In Memory” are all in the Champions league of metal. You won’t find a week spot on this album; I could easily have picked 3 other tracks instead of the above mentioned songs.

I’m so impressed with the vocals of Ralf Scheepers; he proves once again that he has one of the best voices in the metal genre. And the music aren’t all Priest it is more Gamma Ray meets Accept meets Priest, I think

Primal Fear has found themselves with “Seven Seals” Ok it took 8 years and 6 albums, but it was worth waiting for.

Production vise “Seven Seals” are also world class thanks to Mat Sinner & Charlie Bauerfeind. The limited edition of “Seven Seals” comes with two bonus tracks “The Call” & “Of Death and Chaos”.  

Recommended tracks: All.