Presto Ballet

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock

Peace Among The Ruins

The main force behind this album is Kurdt Vanderhoof. He is to most the synonym for Metal Church, so many might think thrash metal ... but no - far off actually! So what kind of music are we talking about here? In Kurdt's own words: "For me Presto Ballet is like a modern 70's progressive/rock band", and I don't think "Peace Among The Ruins" can be described any better.

And to get that classic 70's feeling into the songs, everything has been done the old style way, with analogue synthesizers, real Hammond organ and Mellotron sounds, and they were using an analogue tape machine. I think they have managed it really well to capture the feeling, which made such bands like Kansas, Deep Purple or Rainbow so great in the 70ís.

I really can't put a finger on what exactly makes this album so much fun to listen to, because it's not like it's a brilliant album or something extraordinary or anything - it's just a solid piece of rock music. But I really enjoys listening to it, and if you are looking for a short break from you daily dose of metal, then I suggest you give this nice album a chance!

Recommended tracks: "Peace Among The Ruins", "Find The Time", "Speed Of Time" & "Bringin' It On"