Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, April '05
Metal Blade
Style: Heavy Metal

Return In Bloodred

“Return In Bloodred” is the debut album from Rumanian – German outfit Powerwolf. Fronted by Rumanian singer Attila Dom, who are a graduate from the classical opera academy of Bucharest, don’t worry he doesn’t sound like an opera singer, but more like Ozzy.

On the promo pictures I have seen Attila Dom with facial paint, he looks like a mixture of King Diamond and Krusty the clown. The music has inspirations from classical metal, but most of all Black Sabbath and Omen.

The track “The Evil Made Me Do It” sounds like a long forgotten Black Sabbath song. “The Kiss Of The Cobra King” could have been on one of the two first Omen albums, but the majority of the tracks isn’t really spectacular, except for the epic “Lucifer In Starlight” - what a song, doom and power comes together as one. In my book song of the year, more like this on the next CD.

“Return In Bloodred” is produced by Fredrik Nordström, who once more delivers the goods. Buy this album just to get the great “Lucifer In Starlight”. The year of the wolf have begun.  

Recommended track: “Lucifer In Starlight”
Link: www.powerwolf.net