Rating: 71/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, July '05
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Heavy Metal

Long Live The Loud (That's Metal Lesson II)

Second tribute album from Germanys Powergod, the first one “Bleed for the Gods” was released in 2001 and it was a kick ass cd, with lots of high quality cover tunes from some of the greatest 80's legends: Agent Steel, Metal Church , Manowar, Lizzy Borden & Savage Grace.

First track is “Fall Out/Long Live the Loud” originally released by Exciter, well I was a big Exciter fan back in the mid eighties, listening to this track makes me wonder why???
Second song “Screams from the Grave” is a classic, and this version is even better than the original Abattoir version taken from the “Vicious Attack” album.
Next up is Raven’s “Mind over Metal” also a great tune, and with guest performance by Raven front man John Gallagher NWOBHM rules.
“Heavy Chains” with original Loudness vocalist Minoru Niihara is one of the highlights of this album; this is certainly the best thing to come out of Japan ever.
Arrrgghh a Hirax track “Bombs of Death” is pure noise.
The next one is pretty obscure “Rocking through the Night” originally released by Rosy Vista ?? Yeah didn’t know them either, great heavy rock.
“I’d Rather Be Sleeping” is only one minute, thank God or I would be sleeping. No DRI for me.
Wendy O'Williams “Ready to Rock” - I would have put this on an album called “That’s not metal - Lesson II”.
“Motormouth” from the 1983 “Forged in Fire” LP released by Anvil, is another classic from the youth of speed metal.
A Hellion track “Better Off Dead” well I think this is my first encounter with Hellion no big loss, but pretty decent heavy metal.
Hell yeah “Deathrider” from the classic Omen LP “Battle Cry”, this is without a doubt the
best tune on “Long Live the Loud” all metal heads should have the “Battle Cry” LP in their collection!!!
“Total Desaster” from Destruction, never been a fan, and now I know why it’s a total disaster.
“Cutt Your Heart Out” by Rough Cutt, decent heavy rock again but nothing classic.
Last track “The War Drags Ever On” originally released by Tank in 1985, is a superb finish to this tribute CD.

Recommended tracks: “Screams from the Grave”, “Deathrider” & “Heavy Chains”.