Porcupine Tree

Rating: 91/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '05
WEA International
Style: Progressive Rock


Steven Wilson is one those musicians you either hate or love! I must admit, I think most the stuff he's involved with gains a lot from his involvement. I have often seen the label "musical genius" next to his, and to some degree I tend to agree ... everything he is involved with do carry his signature, and Porcupine Tree is a very unique band with a very special sound - call it atmospheric collages of sounds, call progressive rock - call it what you want, because this kind of music is very hard to put into a specific catagory, and I think it would be unfair to the music to try to limit it by doing so ...

I think, this is another great Porcupine Tree album, but not quite as brilliant as "In Absentia", but surely at the same level or higher than "Stupid Dream" or "Lightbulb Sun". It's another wonderful journey through the weird and inexplicable universe of Steven Wilson. You get everything from huge collections of sounds to hard and heavy sounds ... and I think, that once more they have managed to evolve nicely, and am pretty sure fans of Porcupine Tree will teasure this release as much as any of their previous album ... 

Like all their other releases, the cover artwork is a simple photo, no band logo - I don't even think they have a logo! The booklet is as weird as their previous ones, and continues the tradition ... I am not sure what they want to obtain with the psychedelic stuff in the booklet, but then why should I - I have never understood any of the others either ...

The album has a clear and crisp sound, and the album keeps opening up by each listening ... this is a wonderful emotional journey, that demands a lot from the listener, but try to name a Porcupine Tree album, that doesn't do that! Awesome album from a awesome band!

Recommended tracks: "Deadwing", "Shallow" & "Arriving Somewhere (But Not Here)"

Link: www.porcupinetree.com