Rating: 73/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, February '05
Frontiers Records
Melodic Hard Rock

Between Two Horizons

We are used to be bombarded with power metal from Italy, but Platens' "Between Two Horizons" is an exception from that rule. The debut of Platens is a great slice of melodic hard rock. The man behind Platens is a young Italian guitarist named Dario Grillo born in 1979 in Palermo. 

At his webside you can read this: 
"Dario learnt to play guitar at the aged of 7. After some lessons with Toti Basso and Giuseppe Bellanca (two very famous classical guitarists in Italy), he excelled all the exams to the "Vincenzo Bellini" Conservatory of Palermo. Here he studied classical guitar and music theory for two years. In this period he formed, with Max and Alex Grillo (his brothers) his first band called "Dragon's Breath". In 1997, Dario knew Claudio Diprima (actual drummer of Thy Majestie). Together they formed the "Squeezy Boyz" band (the first real street-glam band in Palermo). In 1998 he entered in the principal band of Claudio's: "Thy Majestie". Dario adapted his voice very soon to the sound of the band. The original and clear voice of Dario gave to the music of Thy Majestie, the feeling of AOR and the power of heavy metal. After two albums ("The Lasting Power" and "Hastings 1066") and one Ep entitled "Echoes Of War", Dario left Thy Majestie in october 2003 to dedicate all his talent in Platens, the new project in which he plays all the instruments except for the drums". 

And the result is "Between Two Horizons". Here is everything from ballads, AOR to melodic hard rock. Not groundbreaking in any way, but a pleasent surprise.

Songs like "Here I am" and "Into The Fire" are very melodic and enjoyable. His guitar playing is first rate, and his riffs and hooks grabs your attention right away. If anything, this album shows great potential for Platens, and I'm sure he will produce some great music in the years to come.

Check this album out if you are into AOR and melodic hard rock ... maybe you won't be disappointed.

Recommended tracks: "Here I am", "Can Feel It", "Into The Fire", "Chasm Of Madness" and "Waves Of Sea"