Perzonal War

Rating: 84/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '05
Label: AFM Records (Target Distribution)
Style - "Metallica style Metal"

When Times Turn Red

Is this very close to the style and sound of Metallica, or what?? Yes it is… but it’s great music. I think that PERZONAL WAR has hit the jackpot with this album filled with great Metal and very memorable songs. To me, it doesn’t f****** matter if it’s very close to mighty Metallica as long as the music is great, and this album kicks ass!

PERZONAL WAR has found the right mixture between thrashy Metal and melody and cleverly is varying these elements, so the listener remains interested. It’s not only the music that’s very close to Metallica, singer Matthias “Metti” Zimmer sounds at times so close to James Hetfield that you actually thinks it’s James Hetfield at the micro.

With very strong songs PERZONAL WAR can look forward confidently, because they don't have to hide behind the already established Heavy Metal and Thrash-acts! So, do yourself a favour and check this album out!

Recommended tracks: “For The Last Time”, “In Flames”, “Frozen Images” and “Inferno”.