Rating: 35/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '05
Label: InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock


Nick Barnett and Pendragon have been a big part of the British progressive rock scene for more than 20 years now, and have been helped quite a bit to establish the scene to what it is today. Over the past 20 years Pendragon have only released 7 albums, it all began with "The Jewel" back in 1985 (an album that have been re-issued this year) and now I sit here with their new album entitled: "Believe".

I must admit that my knowledge to them is a bit limited since the only album I've heard before this one is "The Masquerade Overture" - an album with some very strong songs, but also very keyboard heavy. So I was looking forward to listening to this one, because it had been described as being almost uncharacteristic rock edged.

But after numerous visits to my CD-player I am still wondering why someone would describe this even as a rock album, this is still very keyboard heavy and very, very atmospheric music, not much even borders to rock. Sure there are guitars, but this album never explodes, gets bombastic or grandiose! This album is simply too smooth and silk, it never makes me ROCK - sure they write good melodies and they are all very capable musicians.

I am sure huge Pendragon fans will disagree with my statements, but if I want to listen to an good British progressive rock album, then I would rather put on an old Marillion or an Arena album. So I urge you to take a good hard listen before buying!