Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '05
Label: Lucretia Records
Style: Progressive Metal

Shade Of Fate

Progressive metal from Bulgaria, well there's a first for everything I guess ... This is the second release from this band, the first one "Farewell" was only released in their home country, and never got any recognition outside of Bulgaria. But now with their second album they have landed a record deal with Italian label Lucretia Records.

And thankfully this is not just another Dream Theater clone, that is flooding the progressive metal marked right now. Off course there's some references to the mighty Dream Theater, but bands like Vanden Plas, Poverty's No Crime and old school Fates Warning springs to mind, when I listen to this album. And with some ethnic sounds thrown into the mix, you get a rather unique sound ...

All 6 are very skillful musicians, from the good vocals from Tony Ivan, through the great guitarwork done by Pete Christ and Peter Vichew, the very solid rhythm section - Dido on bass and Drago on drums, who lays down the foundations for 11 songs on offer here. But what impresses me the most is Sunny X on keyboards, his performance on this album is to me the thing, that stands out ... ranging from silent piano parts to his neo-classical soloparts ... but never taking centerstage, always a team player.

This is a good start, nothing extraordinary, but a very solid beginning from this band from Bulgaria. And I am sure this album will do nothing but good things for Pantommind. 50 minutes of good progressive metal, wrapped in a OK production - I don't like the sound of the snare drum that much - and with the cool theatrical artwork you get a complete package..

Recommended tracks: “Shade Of Fate", "Closer To You", "Spectastral" & "After Rain"