Rating: 88/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, July '05
Label: Roadrunner Records
Old skool death metal - hell, yeah!

Frozen In Time

"Frozen In Time" opens with the three and a half minute instrumental "Redneck Stomp". At first you think: "this sounds a tad boring". Then, half-way through the track, the groove sets in and you're flung some sixteen years back to a time when exactly that groove so seriously tore shit up in the death metal community, when five lads from Tampa, Florida reinstated Celtic Frost as a major inspiration for metal and they themselves became one of the biggest sources of inspiration for budding death metal bands. The thing is, they were never equalled in their particular vein of metal and having Obituary back as a recording band is therefore nothing short of a godsend.

It's like the band's never been away and never experimented with hip-hop (the track "Bullituary" in "Back from the Dead"). This their first studio-outing in eight years is just a full-on grooving death metal assualt like only Obituary can do it. I assume that the title of the album refers to the band's own acknowledgement of the fact that they haven't moved one bit forward but just done what they're good at. There are straight lines back to "Slowly We Rot", "Cause of Death" and the entire lot of classic death metal albums churned out by the five-piece over the years.

During the 34 minutes "Frozen In Time" lasts, we're reassured that John Tardy's vocal is as unique as it ever was and that Allen West's lead still can cut to the bone. The rhythm trio consisting of Frank Watkins, Trevor Peres and Donald Tardy keeps everything steady and solid as f*ck. Just like it's meant to be. This is a tidbit of death metal. Go git it!

Recommended tracks: All