Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
Sensory Records
Style: Progressive Metal

Tales From The Soul (To Those Who Undestand)

This album is a perfect example of a sad trend I see in the progressive metal releases at the moment. "Tales From The Soul" is novAct's debut album - they are formerly known as Morgana-X, and they are all clearly very talented, they write good songs and the album has a good production.

But, and there is a but, nothing stands out, nothing special, nothing makes you think WAUV! And I think too many albums end up being just mediocre, not bad, not good, but somewhere in the middle. I won't say I think this is a bad album, but I won't call it very good either ... it leaves me a bit disappointed, but take a listen yourself - maybe this is your kind of progressive metal?