Northern Light

Rating: 35/100

Reviewed by: JÝrgen Ditlev, June '05
Label: MTM Music
Style: AOR

Northern Light

This is the debut album from Norwegian AOR band Northern Light, well itís more a project than a band. Northern Light is the brainchild of Norwegian guitar player Tor Talle, I donít know if any of the other artists on this album are in the band or not. There are seven different singers on the twelve tracks, some of the best from the AOR scene including Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto), Tony Mills (Shy), Rob Moratti (Final Frontier) & Peter Sundell (Grand Illusion). Three Keyboard players including Tor Talle, and the list just go on and on.

Well this must be heaven for AOR freaks, but for a power metal freak like my self this is like hell. I have never been fond of Toto and Journey, and Northern Light is just a bad image of those bands. Even the production is bad. Try this one if you are a hardcore AOR freak, otherwise hands off.

Recommended tracks: NO