Nocturnal Rites

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Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, January '05
Century Media
Style: Power Metal

Lost In Time (The Early Years Of Nocturnal Rites)

This is a re-release of the first two cd’s from Swedish band Nocturnal Rites.

CD 1  "In A Time Of Blood And Fire"

This is how it all started for one Sweden’s finest power metal bands. “In A Time Of Blood And Fire“ was originally released by Megarock Records in 1995, but was only available in small quantities. The production aren’t the best, but some of the tracks are really great. Songs like “Sword Of Steel“ & “Dragonisle“ have a strong epic metal touch. “Skyline Flame“ & “Black Death“ are typical Scandinavian power metal. 

The rest of the cd aren’t the best, but I guess for a debut cd it’s all right. “In A Time Of Blood And Fire“ comes with 3 bonus tracks.


CD 2 "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination"

The second cd “Tales Of Mystery And Imagination“ was originally released in 1997 in Japan, and in the rest of the world in 1998 by Century Media. Nocturnal Rites progressed a lot with this release. 

First of all there are no fillers on this cd, and the music is more melodic than on “In A Time Of Blood And Fire“. The tracks “Ring Of Steel“ & “Born In Hell“ are straight forward power metal. Some of the other tracks have a neo-classical touch. The production is great, and it comes with one bonus track and a video.