Rating: 98/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, June '05
Century Media
Style: Powerful in your face Metal

This Godless Endeavor

I won't beat much around the bush with this new Nevermore album, because this will surely be a metal highlight of 2005! "This godless Endeavor" has the intensity of "Dead Heart In A Dead World", the freshness of "Nevermore" or even the second Sanctuary album "Into The Mirror Black", the aggressiveness of "Enemies Of Reality" and the production of "Dreaming Neon Black". So you get all the best ingredients from Nevermore on one awesome album!

Andy Sneap has captured this powerful metal band excellent on this album, like he managed to pull the essence out of the "Enemies Of Reality" on the re-release earlier this year (see review elsewhere), Steve Smyth has been fully integrated into the sound of Nevermore, and the combo of him and Jeff Loomis delivers great riffs, licks and leads left and right. Warrel Dane has benefited a great deal from laying off the booze, and he delivers a performance that can be compared to his work on "In Memory", and the rhythm section of Jim Sheppard (bass) and Van Williams (drums) does an equally great and rock solid job, so Nevermore has done everything in their power to create a metal album to be reckoned with ... but make your own judgment.

Hugh Syme (Rush, Megadeth, Fates Warning) has done the art-work, a cool picture, that carries the thematic that everyone is hiding behind a mask on, a theme Nevermore has dealt with on many occasions. This album deserves to be a classic, and I am sure that I am holding a very, very strong contender for album of the year in my hands.

Recommendation: Push play, listen to all 57 minutes of brilliance and start all over again ...