Rating: 95/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '05
Century Media
Style: Powerful in your face Metal

Enemies Of Reality (2005)

This is something fans of Nevermore have been longing for ever since "Enemies Of Reality" was originally released in 2003! Because no matter how awesome the music on this album is, the awful production spoiled a lot the fun, when listening to the album.

The job, to fix the mistakes made by Kelly Gray, who produced and mixed the original, was given to Andy Sneap. And finally this album has been fitted with a very good and very powerful sound, the re-mix and re-mastering of this great album has elevated it up to the very high level of "Dead Heart In A Dead World" and "Dreaming Neon Black", and I now count it among my favorite Nevermore albums ...

The album comes with a slight altered cover-artwork, and 3 videoclips - 2 sort of performance clips with small film bits and pieces for the 2 songs: "Enemies Of Reality" and "I, Voyager". The last clip is a live-video recorded at Wacken in 2004 - and we get the "Enemies Of Reality" track performed in front of a very good crowd (I was there ... hehe) - good, family entertainment.

I will not hide the fact, that I am a huge Nevermore fan, and I love all of their albums, so maybe my rating reflects that, but I just love their powerful music ...

Recommended tracks: All of them!