Napalm Death

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, May '05
Label: Century Media
Style: Not sure but they certainly haven’t mellowed out…

The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code

If you were around when “Scum” and “From Enslavement To Obliteration” came out, you wouldn’t really have thought that this band would’ve existed in 2005, would you? Come on, be honest. Yes, they had an opinion and they made a difference, but could something like that last?

There are three reasons why we today, almost twenty years down the road, still have Napalm Death amongst us:
1. they were/are serious about most of their messages
2. they’re stubborn yet suitably humble
3. they kept evolving as musicians

And bless them for that.

The Code is Red… sounds as fresh as anything Birmingham’s proud sons have ever unleashed upon us, and you’re never in doubt that they are still ready to destroy any capitalist fascist pig that might be unfortunate enough to get in their way. Barney sounds more grim than he ever did and ND minus Jesse Pintado is no less a musical force.

You don’t expect a lot of experimentation from ND, but the addition of Jello Biafra on one tune (“The Great And The Good”) as well as the Swans inspired heaviness of “Morale” offer the needed titbits that make this album truly great. Jeff Walker of Carcass fame has also been wheeled in to add extra vocal attacks as has Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed, and this gallery of celebrities is also a new thing for Napalm Death.

Fantastic album! Go see them live on their European tour!

Recommended: All are good but “The Great And The Good”, “All Hail The Grey Dawn” and “Morale” stand out!