Municipal Waste

Rating: 88/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, August '05
Label: Earache
Style: It’s like…erm, D.R.I., you know…

Hazardous Mutation

Getting a gem like this in the post is great. I saw the reunited D.R.I. live a few months back and thought: “this was fab back then and it is now because I’m a nostalgic c*nt, but a new album with something like this would never work now”. My thoughts have been put utterly to shame by US retro-thrashcore outfit Municipal Waste.

“Hazardous Mutation” contains 15 tracks, none of which are longer than 2.38 (the shortest, “Black Ice”, is 23 seconds…). It’s fantastic! Never time to get bored here. It’s all uncompromisingly old school, raw and crude, yet with a perfect production. It’s D.R.I. and a bit of S.O.D. perhaps. Lots of energy and here we fuckin’ go.

Mosh it up!