Mortal Love

Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Label: Massacre Records
Style: The style you can listen to when your girlfriend is around

I Have Lost

Ladies and gentlemen, have we reached the saturation point in terms of The Gatheringís, After Foreverís, Flowing Tearsí and Lacuna Coilís? Iíll leave that up to you to decide, and then tell you that Mortal Love are close relatives to said bands, and if you think we can use another one, go for the second album by this Norwegian outfit.

Fronted by female vocalist Cat, Mortal Love deliver a successful musical blend which a lot of labels refer to as goth metal these days. It isnít really goth in my book, but never mind, the platter is by all means listenable and incorporates catchy elements of stuff you have heard before and probably liked. Most surprisingly, the opening track sets off with an a cappella piece that resembles something Bjork could easily have done. A daring outset, sadly it isnít pursued further on the rest of the album Ė this would have enabled Mortal Love to effectively stand out from the The Gathering/Lacuna Coil clones of the world.

Recommended tracks: They are all easily digested Ö