Neal Morse

Rating: 84/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '05
Label - InsideOut Music (Target Distribution)
Style - Progressive Rock


Neal Morse has throughout his entire career been able to write emotional and intriguing songs, and his third solo album since he left Spock's Beard is yet another example of his immense skills both as a songwriter, but also as a lyricist. On this album he is dealing with the Tabernacle, the biblical dwelling place of God. Simply entitled ?.

This album is another classic progressive rock album, not as epic and complicated as his earlier albums. Neal is playing the majority of the instruments himself as well as singing and producing - joining him is once more Mike Portnoy (Drums) and Randy George (Bass) along with a host of guest musicians like Jordan Rudess, Alan Morse and Steve Hackett.

This album should be seen as a whole piece split into 12 sections rather than 12 individual songs, and the guest artists' performances are in the foreground, and their input makes this album very special and unique. "?" is in my humble opinion the most accessible album from Neal ever, and packed with wonderful melodies, great leads and good songs...