Morgana Lefay

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
Label: Black Mark
Style: Power

Grand Materia

Welcome back Morgana Lefay! And there's no need to worry for old fans, because Morgana Lefay picks up where they left us with their great albums: "The Seventh Seal" and "... --- ...", which means basic power metal - no cheesy keyboards sounds here, no huge choirs, no sing-a-long parts - just your basic guitar power with some Pantera riffs thrown into the mix this time, your hard and heavy rhythm section and Charles Rytkönen's very distinct and aggressive vocals.

So not much news to tell on the musical front and lyrical we are blessed with another concept album from these 5 guys from Bollnäs. So it's pretty much same as we have been served before from Morgana Lefay - off course they have moved on a bit, and have grown as a band, and the production has to be the best they've ever had ... so if you are looking for a straight and honest power metal album, then look no further ... because this one serves your every wish!

Recommended tracks: "Grand Materia", "Hollow", "Edge Of Mind" & "Emotional Sanctuary"