Mind Gate

Rating: 50/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Label: Lucretia Records
Style: Progressive Metal


My first reaction to this polish band called MIND GATE was: - WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!

But I gave them another chance, and another, and suddenly this release called "Spiral" opened up to me. This is not the best album I have heard in my life, but it ain't the worst either. MIND GATE plays a very unique form of Progressive Metal and it took me quite a while, before I got used to their unique sound.

"Spiral" demands a lot from the listener and you really have to be open minded to "swallow" this release. If you take a look at the cover art work, the band name, and the title and some of the song lengths, it can be a pretty good indicator of the style of MIND GATE. The quite lengthy compositions are not the straightest and simplest, but we can find arrangements and accessible melodies and passages to keep you interested in their music, if you are open minded.

But sometimes they are too complex and their music sounds very confusing to me, and a little bit boring. Weird guitar soli ... weird keyboard melodies and passages. Very confusing. Maybe my ears today are not too MIND GATE compatible, but in such a very full Metal scene in my opinion you need a bit more to really leave an impression, still, it's definitely not bad.

Recommended track: "Sins Of Past"

Link: www.mindgate.prv.pl