Rating: 40/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
Label: Black Lotus Records
Style: Hard Rock


I think it is very fitting, if I use the title of the 3rd and last - for now - Crimson Glory album with Midnight as vocalist: "Strange and Beautiful" to describe this debut album from one of my favorite metal vocalists of all time, because this is both!

Strange: the music, I really can't identify myself with the direction Midnight has chosen for his first solo album - some might count his acoustic EP as his first. Maybe I had hopes for a metal album, I was aware of the fact, that this would have almost nothing in common with the first 2 Crimson Glory release - both of them are still considered by many as classic melodic power metal albums, but musically I really can't find much pleasurable on this album!

Beautiful - Midnight hasn't lost his charisma and his voice is still excellent and to me the highlight on this album, but to make me happy both sides of the coin need to be good, so I really can't recommend this album to metal fans out there. But take a listen for yourself - maybe you might like the music better then me...

A small wish to Mr. Midnight - please return to Crimson Glory and make another brilliant melodic power metal album soon ...

Link: www.themidnightmasion.com