Metal Ostentation
Volume 4

Release date: 2004
Sound Riot
Provided by: Sound Riot Records

Death, Black, Thrash, Doom, Power, Dark, Heavy, Gothic

Rating: 40/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December '05

Metal Ostentation - Volume 11 is about to be released in February 2006, so I was a little surprised when I received Volume 4?????

Metal Ostentation - Volume 4 is one of these albums… you know… a typical sampler, which sells among friends of the bands and apart from that nobody is interested in.  

We get 18 tracks and most of them are awful if you ask me… but let’s concentrate on the few positive things here, shall we?

Incendium from Finland gives us a track called “Crush” a very good Metal track… very memorable chorus… sounds very promising to me.
Death Metal band Stolen Pleasure from Germany blew my mind with a stunning track called “Underdog”. A very “catchy” track in my opinion.

from Sweden is extreme AND catchy…
Dumah from USA sounds very funny
but in a… weird way catchy… you have to listen to this band to understand what I mean.

The rest of the songs on this album are forgettable in my opinion but the cover artwork by Jason Juta is quite good. 

Recommended tracks: See above.