Melodic Meltdown

Rating: 55/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Style: Melodic Metal

Second Skin

Melodic Meltdown is the brainchild of Danish guitarwizz Michael Sobygge, who prior to this release has released 3 instrumental solo albums - the first one was actually entitled: "Melodic Meltdown". But "Second Skin" is the first demo CD with his band, and this is not as you might think an egocentric display of Michael abilities, this is a very song orientated album.

But this albums still ends up being a showcase of Michael Sobygge's big talent and skills, because he clearly over shines his supporting cast, his guitar playing - riffs, chops, licks and leads - is what makes this demo interesting. His talent is hard to keep in check and let the others shine as well, because his unique technique almost demands to be up front.

There's ups and down on this album, sadly most downs - from the very weak production, to the at times awful vocals from Lars Benderup - I wish he would let everything go and just sing his lounges out... instead he sounds like he's holding back. The rhythm section is solid, but unspectacular...

It's an OK start, and Michaelís guitar work alone is worth checking out...