Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
AFM Records
Power Metal


Hands down this is a very, very good album. 10 very strong songs (11 on the Limited Edition version) - all of them are heads and shoulders above most of the competition. Jorn Lande has to one the best metal vocalists around, the very high quality of rest of the band is also unquestionable.

So why don't this album higher on my scale? Well all 10 songs have a very high stadard and they are all extremely well produced and played, but they are all at the same level, not a single song or two stands out. But this is the only let-down on this great album, and I am sure this album will make Masterplan even bigger, and rightfully so ...

At the end of the year this will without a doubt be recognized as one the best power metal albums of 2005, and I don't think this album will disappoint any metal fan at all ...