Tony Martin
Release date: November 18th 2005
MTM Music
Heavy Metal
Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
November '05

Well to discuss, which Black Sabbath album or even era is pointless, because some like Ronnie James Dio, some like Ozzy Osbourne, some like Tony Martin and some like them all (and no I haven't forgotten about Ian Gillan & Glenn Hughes). But there's no doubt that "Headless Cross" is a favorite among many a Black Sabbath fan, and it's without a doubt one of mine as well.

After taking part on various projects like The Cage & Giuntini, this is actually Tony Martin's first solo album, and a very successful one in my book. This is classic metal - pure rock the way Black Sabbath (off course!), Rainbow and Deep Purple interpreted it in the 70's and 80's...

The core of the band is Tony and Geoff Nicholls, another former Sabbath member, who's keyboard chords and sounds help create a almost Sabbath atmosphere. When I was looking at the booklet to see who was playing the guitar I came up with: Joe Harford... Ehhh, who? Well it's actually Tony Martin's youngest son... and he delivers great chops, licks, riffs and leads all over this album. Tony is taking care of drums, bass and singing as well as producing the album.

A funny twist to this musical experience is that the album has been recorded in Tony's own house, and he lives in a small town called: Headless Cross!!! -:)

If you like old school classic metal, Black Sabbath and/or Tony Martin, then you shouldn't miss out on this album, because it's just great fun to listen to... a cool thing I have to mention is the excellent violin solo in the title track - different, but cool!

Recommended tracks: "Raising Hell", "Bitter Sweet", "Faith in Madness" & "Scream".