Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, June '05
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Power Metal

Back catalogue

Danish power metal band; Manticora has been around for some time now, and have managed to release 4 albums on 3 different labels. Their latest album "8 Deadly Sins" from 2004 was released on their new record label Massacre Records and for fans, who might have had trouble getting hold of their back catalogue; they (Massacre Records) are now re-releasing their first 3 albums. They've all been re-mastered by Andy Horn, the album covers have been given a touch up and Lars F. Larsen has supplied liner notes for them as well. And all 3 come with a bonus track as well ...

Roots Of Eternity
Originally released on the Black Lotus Records label back in 1999. "Roots Of Eternity" was the first proper release from Manticora, and it shows a very young and talented band trying for find their standing ground. I am still sticking to my rating from back then, because I still find this a very good debut power metal album, just take a listen to the title track and you know what I mean ...

Rating: 85/100

Darkness With Tales To Tell
Their second album was originally released back in 2001 by Scarlet Records and saw a much more defined and improved band, a band that are still heavily influenced from classic German power metal, but have managed to find their own sound and have created another great album. An album that sadly enough never got the recognition it deserved ... this is the chance for power metal fans to correct that error. Like I wrote in my original review, this is a step forward for the band in every area. Again one track stands out: "Dragon's Mist" - an awesome display of power and melody.

Rating: 90/100

"Hyperion" was originally released by Scarlet Records, and once more the band has taken a step forward. This time they've taken upon themselves to deal with Dan Simmon's science fiction novel by the same name (DAMN I still haven't managed to read all 4 books ...). And once more the band is delivering the goods, incorporating some new sounds, like female vocals, going in a more dark, thrashy and atmospheric direction with this album. But they never loose their roots, and still deliver a great power metal album, that sadly never got the attention I surely think it deserves ...

Rating: 93/100

I still stand by my original ratings, because I still find all 3 albums worth listening to this day, and to new fans of Manticora - or just to fans of power metal - who haven't dealt with their back catalogue, this is a great opportunity for them to discover, or re-discover, these 3 cool albums from a band, that I think deserves a lot more recognition than they get. Support this awesome Danish metal band ...