Rating: 30/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '05
Label - Drakkar Records
Style - Heavy Metal

Racing (Limited edition incl. album ”Rockshocks” 13 re-recorded best of tracks)

I give up!!! –I just can’t stand to listen to this CD anymore! I really gave it a chance…- I have been listening to this CD over and over… and over and now I’m going NUTS!

I’m talking about the latest release from LOUDNESS… called “Racing”… DAMN…Minoru Nihara’s vocals really annoys me… I can’t hardly understand what he’s singing… but what the hell… the songs are awful in my humble opinion!

This album doesn't take off and leaves the listener wondering: just what the fuck is going on? This is pure Metal, don’t worry about that… - But where are the good songs????

Another weak point is the production… not the best one… believe me! Alright… there is ONE decent track on “Racing”… the last track out of 14… “Unknown Civilians” is the title…  ONE DECENT TRACK????

- The limited edition comes with a re-recorded best of called “Rockshocks”. We get 13 songs… 13 mediocre songs, only “Crazy Night” stands out in my opinion. AND… again the production is awful… in my book!  

Recommended tracks: See above!

Link: loudness.live.co.jp