Legion of the Damned
Malevolent Rapture

Release date: January 6th 2006
Massacre Records
Distributed by: VME Denmark

Website: www.legionofthedamned.net

Style: Teutonic retro thrash

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
December '05

Now, for someone who are crazy about thrash in the vein of Destruction, early Kreator and Sodom , this is no less than a must! The Dutch retro thrash debutants Legion of the Damned have given birth to an album that could have been spewed out in Germany around 1987.  

Especially Maurice Swinkles’ voice – complete with that characteristic Middle-European version of the English language - takes you back almost twenty years when Mille and Tom Angelripper shook the world, but also the unrelenting thunder of the double bass drum throws you right into the mosh pit somewhere in the dark of the Ruhr Pot.  

“Malevolent Rapture” is 40 minutes of pure, uncompromising thrash metal. Go see their blood-filled video on their website – very enjoyable.