Lee Z

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
Label: Escapi Music
Progressive Metal/Rock


This is actually a comeback album from this German band, their first album "Primetime" (available only on vinyl) was released back in 1989. The band's 3rd album "Time Will Tell" was released through InsideOut in 1995, and is today a very sought after album on the internet. Their last album - entitled "Alive" - before "Shadowland" dates back to 1999, so it's been some what silent in the Lee Z camp for some time.

"Shadowland" is my first taste of Lee Z, and I must admit, that I think their mixture of melodic metal, progressive rock and metal is a nice and refreshing treat. 10 well crafted and played songs, all of them sound fresh and the album has a good production that fits the songs very well.

The album kicks off with the 2 of best songs on the entire album - the title track clocking in at more than 7 minutes and also the albums most progressive song, followed by "Enemy In Me", which is a bit more laid back - almost melancholic. They aren't afraid to incorporate softer and melodic songs either, which the wonderful ballad "Nights In Dover" is a perfect example on. And just listen to Paul Pauliks vocals on this song - breathtaking! The album ends with the very nice and every emotional instrumental piece "Peaceful Lake" - another highlight for me ... cool stuff! The rest is good, but doesn't quite reach the heights I feel these 4 songs do.

This album shouldn't disappoint any metal fan with a soft spot for melodies, and I can only suggest, that you take a listen to this promising German band. I know I've enjoyed my first taste of Lee Z ... more of this please ...

Recommended tracks: "Shadowland", "Enemy In Me", "Nights In Dover" & " Peaceful Lake "

Link: www.lee-z.de