James LaBrie

Rating: 83/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, March '05
Label: InsideOutMusic
Style: Progressive Metal

Elements Of Persuasion

This is the first solo album from James LaBrie under his own name, before this one he has released 2 soloalbums under the name Mullmuzzler, but he has never been a lazy fellow. He is also the main vocalist on Explorer's Club - "Age Of Impact", Leonardo - "The Absolute Man", Frameshift - "Unweawing The Rainbow" and Tim Donahue - "Madmen And Sinners" and not to mention all the guest appearances he's done over the last 15 years, all of which he's done in between 6 Dream Theater studio albums, various live albums and tours ...

On this album he is joined by almost the same guys, that helped him out on his Mullmuzzler albums, with one significant replacement: guitar shooting star Marco Sfogli is handling the guitars on this album briliantly - replacing Mike Kineally and Mike Borkosky. James LaBrie has written all the songs together with Matt Guilory (keyboards) and I think they are a cool combination between the last Dream Theater and his Mullmuzzler albums ... a lot more heavy than most would have thought! 12 good to very good songs are on offer here, and I am sure this album will surprise a lot of people positively. James is giving one of his best perfomances ever on an album, if not the best ...

The album has a very good production, I really like the cool cover artwork, and can only recommend this ccol album to fans of James LaBrie, Dream Theater and progressive metal in general.

Recommended tracks: “Crucify”, “Undecided”, “Smashed” & "Oblivious"

Link: www.jameslabrie.com