Rating: 92/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, January '05
Style: Thrash Metal

Enemy Of God

Have Kreator fulfilled my high expectations of their new album? - YES they have! "Enemy Of God" is a thrash metal hammer in my opinion! 

This stunning album starts with a great, great track, "Enemy Of God" ... the titel-track. And my God ... this is just the way I want my Thrash -  fast, aggressive and with a riff, that blows your brain into a million pieces. This is a adrenaline charged track ... PURE, PURE Thrash .. - Hammering drums, schizo rhythms, that forces you to get up from the seat and to bang your head against the wall!!! This track will scare the living shit out of every Michael Jackson fan out there!!! This could very well be the best Thrash metal song I have ever heard in my life!

We slow down a bit with "Impossible Brutality" - once again a great, great track. Just listen to the tight riffing, the melody lines, I almost can't believe the immense catchiness of this track. "Suicide Terrorist" is next - once again you will feel compelled to mosh and bang as if your life depends on it. Mille Petrozza's voice fits this fantastic track fine and the drumming of Ventor is no more than outstanding. Next up is "World Anarchy" - prepare your self for a 100% pure Thrash attack here, fast drumming, blasting Guitars - can't explain how good this track is ...

Again we slow down a bit with "Dystopia" and "Voices Of The Dead", two fine tracks ... almost melodic. The catchy chorus of "Voices Of The Dead" reminds me of a Hypocrisy track. "Murder Fantasies", "When Death Takes It's Dominion" - what a riff in this song and great chorus, "One Evil Comes - A Million Follow", "Dying Race Apocalypse", "Under A Total Blackened Sky" and "The Ancient Plague" continues this Thrash Metal feast, with Mille's critical lyrics, that deals with relevant topics in todays world.

Not a single filler is to be found here - Period!
The production of Andy Sneap is top-notch, and even the Cover artwork is terrific to put it simple.
I can listen to this album for weeks, even months, without ever getting tired of it ... I'm sure!
"Enemy Of God" is a real stimulating album full of memorable riffs and tracks. Fans of Kreator or just good blasting Thrash will not go wrong here!!!

Recommended tracks: All of them!