King's X

Rating: 89/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, September '05
Label: InsideOut Music/SPV
Style: Groove rock

Ogre Tones

I believe I remember to have read somewhere that King’s X bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick had reached the tender age of 37 when the band’s outstanding debut, “Out of the Silent Planet”, was released in 1988. Now, how old does that make him now? Not really rock’n’roll age, some might venture. Regardless, the latest offering from the groove rock experts King’s X sounds as fresh as anything any young American rock band can come up with.  

Produced by Michael Wagener, “Ogre Tones” is a lesson in production and mixing, perfect and clear in any sense. I have to admit that I’m a conservative old fart that misses the somewhat darker sound that characterised the first four King’s X albums, but I think myself fit to recognise a great rock album when I hear one…and “Ogre Tones” is just that.  

It’s difficult to single out any of the 13 tunes on this album, but the laidback blues rock of “Bebop” does have an extra amount of cool.  

The album also contains three very quiet songs for those who like that (“Honesty”, “Get Away” and “Sooner or Later”) – beautiful songs, the latter in particular because it has a ring of Alice In Chains.  

An album for an old fart like me or for those who just like a well-cast rock album.