Kick Axe

Rating: 30/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, August '05
Label - MTM Classix
Style - Hard Rock

Rock the World

Canadian hard rock band Kick Axe returned last year with a brand new album Called “IV”, 16 years after they spilt up. And now it’s time for a re-release of “Rock the World” originally released on the Epic label back in 1986. The vinyl version of “Rock the World” has become a collectors item, and copies has been sold on Ebay for $ 150 USD????????

Well maybe “Rock the World” was a great album back in 1986, and the re-release is re-mastered, but damn I think it is boring, it sounds like a B version of Van Halen meets Quiet Riot. “Rock the World” comes with a bonus track called “Piece of the Rock”, and yes it is boring.

The originally artwork on “Rock the World” looked like crap, so the re-issue has been fitted with a new one, but I still prefer the old one.  

Recommended tracks: NO!