Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '05
InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock


Roine Stolt is perhaps best known for his participation on the TransAtlantic albums and for his work with The Flower Kings, but his musical background goes way further back, and it all began back in the 70's with Kaipa. Kaipa was his first band and they released 5 albums between 1975 and 1982, before taking a 20 years break. They returned in 2002 with "Notes From The Past", followed by "Keyholder" (2003). And now they have a new album called "Mindrevolutions" ready to please the progressive rock fans of the World.

Joining Roine is his partner in crime from the 70's: Hans Lundin on keyboards and vocals - Hans has written all of the music on this album, and he shares the lyrical side with Roine. Jonas Reingold handles the bass (he's also a part of Roine's The Flower Kings), Morgan Ågren is taking care of the drums, and the vocals are shared between Patrick Lundstöm (Ritual) and Aleena.

"Mindrevolutions" is an 80 minutes musical journey split into 10 songs, with the title track clicking in at just less than 26 minutes, and I promise you, that this album is not easy to digest! After the first few listenings, my thoughts floated back to why I got tired of The Flower Kings albums, but I gave it a chance and slowly it began to open up, and even though Kaipa is drifting off into Flower Kings territory at times, I do like most of the album a lot more than any of the last albums from The Flower Kings.

The album has a wonderful analogue sound, and if you take the time to digest the album, then I am sure you'll discover quite a few great moments - like the excellent "Last Free Indian" or the great vocal performance from Aleena on "Our Deepest Inner Shore", a song where she really sings with a lot of heart.

But unless you are a huge fan of The Flower Kings, Kaipa or of Swedish progressive rock, then this album might not be something for you, because it's really, really hard to get used to and will take many spins in your CD-player to sink in ... and if you don't like huge analogue sounds, then I suggest you leave this one on the shelve at your local CD shop. Simply put - this is for a very small audience, but if you love this special kind of rock, then I am sure you will find much pleasure with this album!

Recommended track: "The Dodger", "Last Free Indian", "Our Deepest Inner Shore" & "Remains Of The Day"

Link: www.kaipa.info