A Traitor like Judas
Nightmare Inc.
Release date: November 21st 2005
Dockyard 1
Distributed by: VME Denmark

Rating: 60/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December '05

I can’t exactly say that Metalcore is my strongest side, but “Nightmare Inc.” by A Traitor like Judas is pleasant surprise although I will never be a fan of this kind of Metal.

A Traitor like Judas delivers us a powerful performance that features fast rhythm, chunky riffs and shouted vocals. There are a lot of good ideas to be found on this release and I’m actually enjoying most of the tracks. However I have a small problem with the voice of “shouter” Bjoern Decker… it’s very hard for me to understand what he’s “singing”… but I can live with that as long as the music is enjoyable.

The production is good and the bottom line is that… TO ME… this is not outstanding stuff but certainly not bad.

All I can say is; if YOU are into Metalcore you should definitely give this album a chance. Maybe you are in for a surprise!

Killer cuts: “No More Silence” and “You Rip Our Guts Out”.