Jacob's Dream

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '05
Metal Blade Records
Style: US Metal

Drama Of The Ages

Ever since I first heard their self-titled Demo CD, have I counted Jacob's Dream among my favorite representatives from the very small subgenre called US Metal. Since that demo CD, which was released back in 1996, they have released 2 albums "Jacob's Dream" in 2000 and "Theater Of War" in 2001 on the Metal Blade label - all of them with David Taylor on vocals; he has on this album been replaced by Chaz Bond. Chaz is not that far from David vocally, and I think he fits the style very well - he might not use high pitched vocals quite as much as David, and he's a bit more raw and aggressive in his vocal approach. At times Chaz even reminds me a bit of Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine), and I think they have found a good replacement for David in Chaz.

Musically they have very strong roots in US metal from the late 80's, with albums like Queensr˙che - "The Warning" and Lethal - "Programmed" springing to mind, but also more underground stuff like Oliver Magnum or Deadly Blessing are some of the references I think of, when listening to this album. But like the before mentioned bands the shadow of Iron Maiden is omnipresent on this cool piece of metal. I am pretty sure a lot of people will just simplify this and call it power metal - works for me also ...

So if you can identify your musical taste with US Metal, Iron Maiden or just good old school metal, then I suggest you give this album a chance. I surely enjoy this album a lot! A cool thing I have to mention is the hidden track (with the clock counting backwards) at the end of the album - a very cool semi-acoustic piece.

Recommended track: There's not a single bad track on this album, so make your pick!