Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '05
Massacre Records
Progressive Metal

Walk In Mindfields

When Andy F. Franck back in 1998, and Achim Welsch (guitars) and Giovanni Soulas (bass) started their side-project Charisma, I never thought I should hear another album from Ivanhoe. But now more than 6 years later, they have been able to find a new vocalist - Mischa Mang, and along with Rechard Seibel (keyboards - he was also a part of Charisma) and Sebastian Brauchle on the drums, Ivanhoe is back with a very strong offering.

Ivanhoe's 2 first albums were both a bit immature albums from a very young band, playing progressive metal in the middle of a grunge wave ... so it was no surprise, that their releases got lost in the mix. When they released their 3rd album "Polarized" in 1997, they had matured quite a bit, and the album was well received and is a real little german progressive gem.

Now we write 2005, and much to my surprise Ivanhoe is still around and they return with their best album to date, and well crafted and mature offering. A very strong album with 10 equally good songs, all well written and played and complimented with a very good production.

The new vocalist Mischa does a great job, and I am sure old Ivanhoe fans will be happy with this new album from them. Great to see them back ...

Recommended tracks: "Walk In Mindfields", "Bless My Soul" "Arrows" and "History ..."