Iron Maiden

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '05
Label - EMI
Style - Heavy Metal

Death on the Road (Live)

Iron Maiden has always been known as one of the absolute best live acts around! And this live recording from Westfalenhalle in Dortmund , Germany is another perfect demonstration of just that! But this is their second double live album since they reunited, and they have only released 2 studio albums since Bruce joined the ranks again.

With familiar fashion we are served one classic Iron Maiden song after another combined nicely with no less than 6 songs from their latest album "Dance of Death", which I think is 2 or 3 songs too much! But hats off to Iron Maiden for not during as everyone expects... even though it means that a few classics is left out of the set like "Two Minutes to Midnight", "Running Free" or "Sanctuary", but for some strange reason they've picked "Can I Play with Madness" up again.

This is by no means a bad Iron Maiden live documentary - it's actually a very good recording, which once more shows a brilliant Bruce Dickinson, who sings like a young God. The rhythm section is as tight as ever, and the triple guitar attack creates a wall of sound, that leaves nothing to be desired for. As mentioned before I don't think the set list is a fortunate as it could have been, and one might wonder if now is the time for (yet) another Iron Maiden live album?

Well - no one forces you to buy this album, right? But a true Iron Maiden fan need not to worry, this is as solid as it gets!