Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, February '05
Style: Melodic Metal

Pedal To The Metal

Some will love this album and some will hate it! I'm between heaven and hell here. I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Impellitteri and first I was very dissapointed with this release, but it grows on you after numerous listens.

We get 10 songs of melodic metal, but most of the songs are mediocre in my humble opinion. Tracks like "The Kingdom Of Titus (Tribute)", "Dance With The Devil", "Destruction", "Propaganda Mind" and "Punk" are just plain boring.

However I like some of the songs here: "Hurricane", that contains a riff, that will blow your mind away, and if you don't like this riff, then there must be something serious wrong with you! And "Crushing Daze", a great uptempo song, very melodic.

The best song here is the last track, "The Writing's On The Wall", also an uptempo track, very melodic, great guitar work and a great chorus. Nothing more to say here, folks! - Take a listen before you buy, ok?

Recommended tracks: "Huricane", "Crushing Daze" and "The Writing's On The Wall"