Rating: 87/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '05
Label - Nuclear Blast
Style - Melodic Death Metal


HYPOCRISY is back with a brand new album called “Virus”, and my expectations to this album were very high, because last years “The Arrival” was a stunning release in my humble opinion.

- Am I disappointed? No! “Virus” is almost… almost as good as “The Arrival”… in my opinion, of course. So, can HYPOCRISY offer us something that marks them at least a little bit different from the legions of genre colleagues? - If you ask me… Yes! - Okay, maybe they’re not that different, but they are way better than most Melodic Death Metal bands out there… if you ask me!

- We get 11 tracks filled with great riffs, great drumming, and very memorable choruses. After a short intro called, “XVI”, HYPOCRISY burst into “War Path”, a fast and brutal track but at the same time melodic. A brilliant track… and pure, pure HYPOCRISY! This is just the way I like my Melodic Death Metal. HYPOCRISY isn’t just pure fast Death Metal, no, no… take a listen to track 4 “Fearless”, a midtempo track with a huge and very, very memorable chorus that will stick in your head for a very long time. No less than a brilliant track. - I am impressed, my friends, really impressed! Only track 7 “A Thousand Lies” are a little disappointing in my book. The rest of the songs are first class Melodic Death Metal… if you ask me again, of course!

So… if you are into Melodic Death Metal and HYPOCRISY, buy “Virus”…

And get infected!!!  

Recommended tracks: “War Path”, “Fearless”, “Craving for Another Killing” and “Blooddrenched”.

Link: www.hypocrisy.tv