Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '05
Label - Steamhammer (Target Distribution)
Style - Power Metal

Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy

When I first read, that Helloween was going to release a 3rd part of  the "Keeper of the Seven Keys" saga, I thought it was a very bold decision and bound to fail... Why? Because Parts 1 & 2 are widely considered to the best albums from Helloween and rightfully so! Michael Kiske's singing on those albums is unique and not many have managed to reach his performance on those albums. And the comparison between Andi Deris and Kiske is bound to be drawn here - Deris is a good hard rock vocalist, but he's not a great metal vocalist! Deris does OK on most songs, but he'll never ever be anywhere as great as Kiske was on Parts 1 & 2.

Where Parts 1 & 2 were packed with excellent songs, great harmonies and cool choruses, this part fails to live up to it's predecessors by a long shot - there's way too many mediocre compositions, boring choruses and just plain and simple boring songs. When I first heard the "Mrs. God" single a while back, it really got my hopes for this album up, but the 2 songs on the single are the only songs on disc one that is anywhere near the standard of Parts 1 & 2. The remaining 4 songs are all mediocre at the best - on the second disc things are looking a bit brighter, but still they don't manage to capture any of the magic created earlier...

There is still some good songs on this album, some actually very good - but this album is bound to go down as the unnecessary 3rd part of the Keepers saga. Itís an OK Helloween album, but not a worthy sequel to the cult classics Part 1 & 2.

Recommended tracks: "The King for a 1000 Years", "Mrs. God", "Occasion Avenue" & "My Life for One More Day".

Link: www.helloween.org