Rating: 92/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, April '05
Noise Records
Power Metal

Dust To Dust

"Dust To Dust" is the name of the latest Heavenly album, and in my opinion they have released one hell of an album. But then again ... I'm a big sucker for melodic, bombastic powermetal.

Here on "Dust to Dust" we can still hear a little bit of Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian and so on. And on track 11: "Hands Of Darkness" Heavenly sounds very close to Symphony X, in my humble opinion. But what counts for me is, that this album is full of very melodic powermetal with huge choruses and great music. Sometimes Heavenly is quite progressive here, but stil very bombastic. Two things I really like in music.

We have great leads, huge choruses, unforgettable vocal melodies and harmonies backed by a tight rhythm section. But we should not forget the singer Benjamin Sotto, right? I think he's doing a better job, than on their first two albums: "Coming From The Sky" and "Sign Of The Winner". But sometimes he is a little bit too similar to Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray/ex-Helloween). However ... I can live with that.

"Dust To Dust" is very well executed and even the production is good. Some might even say, overproduced! Last ... "Dust To Dust" is a three chapter concept album about a vampire. Excellent bombstic, melodic Power metal. - In MY opinion of course :-)

Recommended tracks: All of them.

Link: www.heavenly.fr.st