Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, September '05
Label: Steamhammer
Style: Champion League Thrash

The Sickness Within

With this release, Danish HateSphere finally move into the major league of thrash metal. In all respects a solid album that emphasises that the band are some of the most talented musicians in this wee country.

Unlike on the previous studio outings, their blend of thrash/death/hardcore finally comes across on silver disc almost as efficiently as it does live (and that is truly awesome).  

It is clear from the eleven tracks on the album that HateSphere have been touring tons the past two years. Their energy level is fantastic and their influences are fairly wide-ranging; from old-skool thrash over death metal groove to the latest metalcore. There’s even something that could be a nod to Cradle of Filth on “Heaven Is Ready To Fall” in the shape of a synth interlude with a speak-over. Jacob Bredahl’s vocals have also been influenced by the exposure to other bands as he has thrown more (and needed) variation into the melting pot.  

Recommended: “Murderous Intent”, “Coming of Chaos”, “Heaven Is Ready to Fall”, “Seeds of Shame”, “Chamber Master”, “”Marked by Darkness” (features Nevermore guitarist Steve Smyth and has a lot of Testament in it by the way…)

Link: www.hatesphere.com - Tip: Download the tribute song for the local football team AGF in the media section of the site.