Harem Scarem

Rating: 83/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, June '05
Label: Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock


Harry Hess and Harem Scarem is back with yet another great melodic rock album, and they have once more produced a very good to excellent collection of melodic rock songs. With familiar fashion they have created an album that doesn't sound anything like the previous one, and this time things are a bit darker and gloomy, even a bit melancholic, but don't worry all of the old trademarks fans love are still a big part of the songs!

If you love their old albums, then you need not to worry, because this one is almost as cool as "Weight Of The World" and should please fans once more ... if you are a fan of melodic rock, then you should give this album a serious listen, because it has everything you could wish for in a melodic rock album: strong songs, great vocals from Harry Hess, wonderful ballads and a great production, that fits the music great.

This is the kind of music you can put on, when you need some cheering up or at a party, and no one will hate it ...
Another great album from this much underrated Canadian band - give them a shot, they surely deserves it!

Recommended tracks: "Dagger", "Don't Come Easy", "Forgive & Forget" & "Same Mistake"

Link: www.haremscarem.net