La Muerte
Release date: October 31, 2005
Nuclear Blast GmbH
VME Denmark
Raw rockin’ death metal
Rating: 92/100
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
October '05

The reunion of Gorefest is one of the more fortunate come-back-together happenings. The result so far is a hammer of an album and a more than satisfying follow-up to 1998’s “13”. Chances are that if you liked “13”, you’ll suck this one down like an ice cold beer as well.

The Gorefest strongholds are maintained since we heard from them the last time: Jan-Chris’s characteristic and brutal voice is given lots of space in Tue Madsen’s mix and the same can be said of the simplistic, almost bombastic rhythm section. Everything is spiced up with the twin guitar attack of Bonebakker and Harthoorn who make little melodic adventures here and there.

“La Muerte” contains 12 death rock groovers which are all in town to wreck your neck and blast your ears. Go buy and see them live on tour.

Recommended tracks: “Man to Fall” is just a tad cooler than the rest. The instrumental title track of the album is also veddy, veddy nice.