Gods of Thunder
A Norwegian Tribute to KISS
Release date: October 17th 2005
Voices of Wonder Records
VME Denmark
Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Rock
Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
November '05

I must admit that I do not care much about tribute albums. If I want to listen to my favourite bands, I prefer the originals and not cover bands.

To me, a tribute album is only for hardcore fans and so is this one. This album is a Norwegian tribute to the band that ruled the 70’s… KISS.

I can do this very short: We get 20 tracks of some of Kiss’s biggest hits and a few surprises. Some of the bands here do it quite well, and some manage to “Destroy” a classic song.

In my opinion “”I just wanna” by KISSettes, “Uh! All Night” by Diabla, “She” by Unmasked, “Strange Ways” by Ulver… AND the absolutely stunning version of “Getaway” by The Carburetors is the best ones. Some of the songs are between heaven and hell, and some of them sound pretty awful, however I won’t name them…  

There is a little surprise to be found here on this release; Wig Wam contribute a version of “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” featuring a special guest appearance by former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick.

And last but not least; Ken Kelly who did the legendary paintings for the Destroyer and Love Gun album has painted his third KISS cover for this tribute CD.  

Recommended tracks: See above.